When I walked around Ketchikan, Alaska this summer, I would walk past a house with many wind chimes. I would usually slow down and sit by this house – it also happened to have a nice view down – and listen to the wind chimes.

So as I got my first apartment after years of being nomadic this month, I made sure to get my own wind chimes. I simply thought they were pretty and I liked the sound.

But as I’ve been sitting inside and hearing the wind chimes, I’ve become a lot more connected to the wind. I know it’s obvious and the purpose of wind chimes, but still!

As part of Ayurveda, the ancient Science of Life, you’re supposed to observe nature. I’ve done this by watching birds, eagles, salmon, and even bears in Alaska this summer.

But now that I’ve been staying in a more urban environment, mostly setting up my apartment, I haven’t had the chance to observe nature as much. The wind chimes have become that connection – even when I’m inside, I know how strong the wind is outside. A beautiful musical representation of wind nature coming to my awareness.


September 23, 2018

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