Yesterday I was searching whether an expensive water filtering system really works, and despite all the information about it, I still don’t know if it works or if it’s a hoax. I have to decide for myself whether to trust the author of the book I read about it in.

The thing about the Internet is that BILLIONS of people can post anything. So you can always find what you’re looking for, whether it’s true or not.

Looking for proof that a certain conspiracy is true? Sure! Find hundreds of forums with people discussing all the “irrefutable” proof behind it. And just the same, you can find people with “scientific evidence” that the same conspiracy is not true.

The truth is what you want it to be. Just search and you will find thousands if not millions of people agreeing with you. Google will even help you by showing you personal search results to things you’re most likely to click on.

This, of course, is dangerous. But I do think it is better than before. Before, the truth was what our local community told us – our parents, our friends, the church. If we thought outside of what they told us, we were shut down, even shunned (sometimes even killed!). Now, you can find others who agree with you.

Some people, of course, will just confirm their biases – find only the truth they want as in the phenomenon of fake news.

But the good part is that it’s shaking the entire foundation of what truth is. Especially as told to us by an outside source. We have to do the actual work to decide what truth is now – there is no illusion of “truth” as before from our communities.

One of my favorite things about Eastern practices such as Ayurveda and Meditation is that they encourage you to look inside and experiment by simply giving you the methodology to find your results instead of telling you what results are “true”. Ayurveda even translates as “the science” of life.

So I can’t tell you that Ayurveda is Truth. In fact, many of my friends will argue with me why it’s not. And just like with anything on the Internet, you can find extreme opinions for both sides of it.

All I know is that its truth based on my personal experience. You have to try it for yourself to find the truth. Search (inside) and you will find.

August 22, 2018

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