“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and grass grows by itself.” ~ Matsuo Bashō

Nature, in its purity, has this beautiful innate intelligence about it. Cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, roosters crow at sunrise, berries grow in the summer, leaves become yellow and fall off in autumn, bears sleep in winter, spiders make complex spider webs. Nobody has to do anything to make all of this happens. It just works. The intelligence is coded into each life form.

It is so powerful, yet we likely take it for granted in everyday life. After all, it works, it is how it is. We grew up with these laws of nature, they work whether we’re there or not, whether we care or not, whether we follow them or not.

Yet, in accordance with the ancient Science of Life, Ayurveda, we humans are actually part of this intelligence, part of nature. The only difference is that we have a higher consciousness. We can choose to not live in accordance to our own intelligence, the one coded inside of us, to our own (and humanity’s) detriment.

As part of living a lifestyle that is in sync with nature, it is important to observe nature and learn from it. This summer, I have the unique pleasure of staying in Ketchikan, Alaska, where nature is wild and free!

Yesterday, I observed something truly mind-blowing, something that shows just how powerful this coded intelligence truly is – salmon swimming upstream!


Can you see all those salmon!! It’s like something got triggered – in this case, fall is coming, and BAM! they all just decided to swim upstream to lay eggs. None of them are giving up despite the hard work it takes to simply stay in one place in the stream!

And once they are able to get through the running water, they literally have to fight a waterfall! Jump over it while trying not to get swept away, back down in the stream they fought so hard to get through!

And they actually get this done! It takes everything they have, but they fight the waterfall, travel to their birthplace, lay their eggs, and die, providing the necessary nutrients in decomposition that the eggs need to thrive.

That is the power of natural intelligence. The same intelligence that is present in all of us humans. The power that Ayurveda tries to unlock. Imagine what you can do if you were able to tap into this power!


August 12, 2018


Hi Natasha! Very interesting post! I don’t know a lot about Ayurveda, but I do know there is an intelligence behind everything that happens in nature. It seems that all activity is coordinated, and if it is coordinator there must be a coordinator, which in my view is God. Would you agree?

Enjoying your blog, thanks a lot!

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