Last week I went to an Ayurvedic consultation at The Ayurvedic Institute. I didn’t have any specific pressing issues, but they were offering a free consultation with Ayurvedic Studies Program 2nd year students, so I figured I’d get a check up.

The biggest issue they found with me is that I’m dehydrated. That is not surprising – even though I feel like I drink a lot of water throughout the day, I am currently living in the dry and rough high-altitude dessert of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

On top of that, I got an intense water filtration system that makes my water very very soft and light. It feels like it doesn’t stick when I drink it.

To help with my issue, the students recommended that I drink hydration tea – you can find a few recipes online, but it’s simply hot water with high-quality salt, sugar, and lime. In scientific terms, this makes electrolyte water – think home-made Gatorade without all the chemicals and bright blue color.

That made perfect sense to me – I needed to make my water heavier so it would stick instead of going right through my body. Adding sugar and salt should accomplish that.

The first day I made this tea, I felt sooooo much better! I learned that my energy dips throughout the day were due to dehydration. My body was telling me to drink, but I didn’t hear it!

It’s really crazy that such a tiny Ayurvedic recommendation – just drink heavier water – could make such a big difference.

That truly made me think. Many of our health issues start as very small problems – like dehydration in my case – that could be treated with very simple solutions – like drinking sugar/salt/lime water. But if we don’t pay attention to the small signs our bodies are giving us, the simple problems can grow into very unnecessary hard-to-treat big problems. I could have been suffering from tiredness, possibly constipation, and all the problems that come with that for months if I didn’t learn about the simple tea solution!

The amazing thing about Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, is that it is intrinsic to us. Our body, if in sync with nature, will tell us what to eat and do to be balanced. But unfortunately, many of us (including me of course), have been ignoring our bodily signs for years – thanks American drug companies for helping us do that… That is why it is important to relearn, remember Ayurveda.

If you haven’t gone to an Ayurvedic practitioner yet, I highly recommend it – even if you don’t think you have any big issues! That’s the best time to go.

November 6, 2018

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