While I’m vegan most of the time nowadays, once in a while, in special circumstances, I’ll eat meat. That happened recently in Alaska – I couldn’t refuse to eat wild-caught (that I saw being caught!) salmon.

This has put me in a unique position – I can now observe the effect that meat has on me. In all recent cases when I’ve been vegan for weeks then ate animal protein, I became insanely HANGRY!

For those who don’t know the term HANGRY, it’s a combination of HUNGRY + ANGRY – you’re angry only because you’re hungry.

Even when I was a kid, whenever I was irritated, crying, upset, my mom would simply take it as a cue to feed me and I’d be happy again.

I learned that I’m not the only one like that. Some men I’ve talked to carry granola bars with them at all times in case their girlfriend or wife becomes hangry.

Being hangry is just something I thought of as reality. But I did notice that when I’m vegan, I’m just not as hungry. I was talking to my mom the other day, and she thinks I have insane will-power to follow an Ayurvedic diet, including food combining. But the truth is, it’s easy for me when I’m vegan! Now only when I eat meat or meat products, do I become insanely hungry to the point of losing all control.

This happened to me yesterday. I ate eggs – it’s not meat, so I didn’t think too much of it. But I usually don’t eat eggs. About an hour or two later, I was so insanely hungry, I kept eating everything in sight. And even that was not enough. I went on Instacart and had additional groceries delivered even though I have plenty of food in my fridge already. But I started having cravings for a heavier food, especially bread – that might be able to fill me up.

I felt like an animal. I was ravenous and needed to eat whatever the consequences. I guess the old adage is true – “you are what you eat”. When I eat animals (or animal products as in the case of eggs), I become an animal.

I tried to google about this last time I ate meat and became HANGRY to find out the reason for it, since it doesn’t make sense. Meat is harder to digest, so it should stick around in your body and make you feel full instead of completely empty. I did find a few forums where people described this type of reaction to steak and someone mentioned something about a protein or enzyme that could be triggered. But it’s the Internet, so I have no scientific evidence for this. Only my personal experiences.

The sad thing is that when I got this ravenous feeling, I felt happy that I was returning to “my old self”. This used to be me every single day! Sometimes there were several times throughout the day when I couldn’t handle myself and needed to eat A LOT.  I thought this was part of who I was. It’s crazy that simply by changing my diet to not eat animal proteins, I completely changed myself.

It makes me wonder how much of my true self is really controlled by the inputs from my environment and how much is actually core to my personality.

October 5, 2018

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